Top 4 Reasons to Put Haworth on Your To-Do List

Situated in West Yorkshire, 3 miles from Keighley, Haworth attracts visitors from all over the world. Home of the Brontë sisters, it has some of the best views and attractions that Yorkshire has to offer. I haven’t visited Haworth in a few years, and definitely plan to go sometime soon. Are you considering planning a day trip? Here are 4 reasons to put Howarth on your To-Do List.


 1. The Brontë Parsonage Museum

Jane Eyre was one of my favourite books to study. If you love the Brontës you will love this experience. Their once family home has been turned into a museum for tourists, however it doesn’t feel like somewhere that has had its authenticity taken. The miniature books, pieces of art and poems written by the Brontës offer more than a glimpse into their lives. A small table they all shared is still there, making it easy to imagine a scene of all the writers working there.

The house is full of highs and lows, with haunting stories about the Brontë sister’s brother, Branwell, and his paintings. As well as celebrating their successes, you see work written by them soon before their deaths. Whilst it seems shocking that the siblings died so young, it is even more surreal that the average life expectancy in Haworth in the 19th Century was 25 years. The house is both moving and fascinating, with a gift shop at the end selling both rare and popular books by all three sisters.


2. The Cobbled Streets of Haworth Village

Haworth’s cobbled high street is both iconic and the home unique clothes, art and craft shops. The street sells work by local Yorkshire artisans and its independent shops make it unique. The Cabinet of Curiosities was one of my favourites, which sells luxury bath products, soaps, candles and more. The streets also offers a range of cafes, bakeries, family run restaurants and more. Many of the restaurants and shops are named after the Brontës, continuing the village’s famous history.

The Cabinet of Curiosities, located on Main Street

3. The Wild Moors

Haworth is home to some of the most atmospheric scenery in Yorkshore. You can walk through the Moorland that inspired the Brontës and have a Wuthering Heights experience. Visitors can follow a footpath and walk up to the famous Brontë waterfalls, experiencing the windy moors and literary connections.

You can enjoy stretches of high moorland which transforms into bright purple in Summer. The moorland features pretty streams and picturesque views that are photo-worthy.


4. Cliffe Castle

This museum was closed when we visited, however is one of the most famous assets of Keighley. The gothic museum features gorgeous Victorian rooms and furniture, paintings, and decorative art. It serves as both a local history museum and art gallery. The building takes you through natural history, archaeology and social history with stunning interior and scenery. The stained glass gallery is one of the key features loved by visitors, featuring some of the earliest William Morris stained glass in the UK.

Entry to this museum is also free! Although it has just re-opened after renovation, it can be subject to closure so it is best to check online before visiting.

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash


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