Book Review: A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena

This is one of those books that isn’t up there with my favourites, however I feel like it deserves to be written about. All-in-all, I did enjoy this.

This book focuses on the lives of Tom and Karen, a seemingly bland and “normal” couple. She works as a book keeper, and has a perfect, golden-girl reputation. So what happens when one day, after work, she mysteriously goes missing on the same day a man is murdered? Is there even history between Karen and this man? (I won’t include any spoilers here). We learn new secrets as we uncover Karen’s past and come across shocking behaviour by other characters.We are thrown into a world of secrets, and we cannot trust any character fully.

I did enjoy how the reader plays just as much of a detective role as any character. However, sometimes the text repeated itself and I would have liked some more shocking scenes. More exposure to the characters’ personalities would have drawn me more into this. I feel like at some points it was hard to even care about the characters.

Overall, I found this a fun, quick read. If intentional, the characters were forgettable and I found the writing bland and repetitive in some parts. This book is ideal if you are searching for a light, fun thriller.

Lapena’s plot is strong and the twist at the end was the most surprising part of the book for me.
However, my dislike of the characters and the basic tone of this story made it easily forgettable.
An enjoyable read with a lot of potential, yet it is lacking something to give it that memorable spark.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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