Why Instagram is Better than its Reputation

Someone once told me they compared “perfect” photos on instagram to the Fyre festival marketing photos. “When I look at her, I think of how perfect Fyre Festival looked compared to real life”, my friend said when looking at a user who posts numerous selfies. While I do get this point of view, I also think…well, yeah. Obviously people do this. What’s wrong with posting selfies where we can look our best? If we all have chance to post perfect photos and use numerous filters, of course we’re going to use it.

Photo by feliperizo.co | heart made on Unsplash
Photo by feliperizo.co | heart made on Unsplash

Instagram is still sometimes thought of as a place for “shallow” people to take photos of their lunch. Selfies are made fun of, and the following of celebrities is seen by some people as a problem of today’s society. But these things are not necessarily bad things. If you have found a perfect recipe, why not share it? If you look up to a celebrity, what is wrong with “following” them? When your makeup looks good, a selfie isn’t going to kill anyone.

In my opinion, the problem isn’t Instagram. It opens a huge amount of opportunities for creativity, inspiration and culture. There is nothing wrong with selfies and sharing your interests. It can actually make you feel great.

“When words become unclear I shall focus with photographs” – Ansel Adams

The problem is when we let it take over our life, when we aren’t even individuals anymore. It’s a perfect place for expression. We shouldn’t be mindlessly scrolling and copying entirely off everyone else. Too often people try and match their life to another life. There’s nothing wrong with admiring people. There’s nothing wrong with following the Kardashians. But there shouldn’t be pressure. We shouldn’t be changing our lives completely to match someone else’s. This is probably what causes its “shallow” reputation, where people are all doing the same thing.

Instagram has potential to introduce us to the best food ideas, places to travel and outfit inspiration. There are so many comedy pages, interior design and art pages. Most people I know use it more than apps such as Snapchat. It’s a great place to store your photos, share your interests and successes.

In 2019, social media is more popular than ever. Why don’t we make the most out of what it offers?

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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