The Lost and Found in Sheffield: A Gothic Fairytale Gem

Going out for a bottomless brunch on Saturday is a perfect start to the day…if you are turning your Saturday into a “relaxed” one. I probably couldn’t afford this. However, when some girls suggested going for a catch-up here and I had looked up the menu, I was persuaded.

The offers were a good mix of healthy and sweet. Avocado and spinach Benedict (I would definitely go for this). Spiced apple breakfast bowl…buttermilk pancakes with chocolate sauce and winter berries (okay yeah, I went for this.)

Looking at the decoration and the amount of effort put into the place, it seems strange that it isn’t talked about more. The gothic building and “secret garden” like plants gives a fresh feeling to Ecclesall road.

There was definitely more drink than food, however the pancakes didn’t let me down. It took a while to get used to the berries and chocolate combination, however the more I tried it the better it tasted. If surprising at first, the flavours did work well. As a heads-up, these pancakes are not “crepe” pancakes, they are the thick, hardcore pancakes.

This place is a stunning, gothic little find. It proved a cosy and attractive place for a catch-up. We stayed in there (and outside) for a good few hours, even if eyeing up some sandwiches a girl had left before.


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